PATHWAYS! September 2021

Tools for Success

New Pathways continues to create resources to share the story of our work. In doing so, we seek to reach new students, mentors, and donors who believe in positively transforming lives and communities. We are excited to highlight:

A captivating new website

Visit our new website at, where we tell the powerful story of how, together, we’re awakening the full human potential of our youth! It includes detailed information about our programs, sharing our approach to holistic development, individually tailored action plans, resources for well-being, and one-on-one support from adult mentors. The new site also includes portals for student enrollment, becoming a mentor, or supporting the work of New Pathways with a tax-free financial contribution. We have an uplifting story to share, so come visit! 

A guide to transformative outcomes

New Pathways has published a white paper that looks in detail at the challenges faced by the students we serve and the best ways to help them discover renewed outlooks on life. This paper explains the research-based program which has reset expectations and transformed more than 7,000 lives. It’s a guide for those looking to understand New Pathways and a resource for those who want to share our story with others. See the white paper here.

Calling All Mentors

New Pathways for Youth is looking for mentors to share a journey of hope, kindness, and support with young people. 

Too many youth in Phoenix face adversity that keeps them from seeing the possibilities of their lives. As a mentor, you’ll work with your match to help them identify and reach their personal and educational goals. You’ll attend life-changing workshops hosted by New Pathways, and spend time building your mentee’s strengths and confidence. And in the process, you’ll nourish goodness in your own life.

Being a mentor is an important endeavor. That’s why we work so hard for your success. New Pathways mentors receive comprehensive training to prepare them, and our team of professionals are with you every step of the way.

New Pathways youth have a 95% high school graduation rate and 90% go on to secondary education. With new confidence and broadened horizons, they are prepared to embrace the future.

Please sign up as a mentor today to help a young person awaken their boundless human potential. You’ll be glad you did.

Prepared to Achieve: Supporting our Seniors 

New Pathways for Youth’s programs make a powerful difference, outpacing national standards and expectations. But our life-changing outcomes don’t happen by accident; they’re the result of careful planning, engaged mentors, and youth that have learned to dream big.

In consultation with their case management team, high school seniors at New Pathways write a step-by-step plan for enrolling in a post-secondary education option. This includes a university, community college, or vocational or trade school.  No matter what the youth’s plan is, completing these steps gives access, options, and possibilities to different paths after high school. Most importantly, it enables our youth to reach the intended result of living their fullest life.

There’s no “easy” in breaking down false assumptions and expectations and then replacing them with bold, empowered aspirations. It is sustained, meticulous work, and often difficult. You can honor the hard work of our youth and help change lives by making a tax-deductible contribution to New Pathways for Youth today. There is so much more work to be done, and with your investment, many more youth can awaken their unlimited possibilities.

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Learn all about how we are guiding youth as they discover renewed outlooks on life and realize unwritten possibilities for their future. 

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