The Level Up Program


What we do

  • We provide youth with 1:1 mentoring with a dedicated adult and a proven program for personal growth, including tailored goal-setting and connection to vital resources, all within a supportive peer group.
  • Research shows that a stable, nurturing relationship with a committed adult is the most effective way to combat the challenges our youth face. As such, our mentorship program provides youth with a caring, committed adult who will be actively present in their youth’s lives for at least 2 years, with many keeping their commitment for 4 years or more.
  • Each aspect of Level Up – from mentorship to personal development and case management – is aimed at providing youth with the support, stability, and skills they need to flourish.

What set us apart

  • Level Up is research-based. 95% of our youth graduate high school, and 80% go on to continued education and training, 75% of which are of the first generation in their family to do so. 
  • Each year, an independent research firm surveys our youth and mentors. These studies reveal that Level Up youth experience enhanced personal well-being and health as well as a reduction in harmful thinking and behaviors.
  • Level Up is holistic. We are focused on all aspects of our youth’s inner development as well as their outer environments, focusing on three key aspects: relationships, education, and employment. In addition to helping them build positive, healthy relationships, we give them the tools and opportunities to achieve academic and professional success. Furthermore, we connect them with resources like healthcare, emergency relief, and more to provide them with security and stability and ensure their basic needs are met.
  • Level Up is tailored to each and every youth we serve. We develop a custom plan for each youth, including personalized action planning to meet short- and long-term goals, as well as critical resources to meet the needs of youth and their entire family, ranging from housing assistance to food security to emergency relief. Lastly, every youth is matched with the mentor who is the best possible fit for them.
  • Our mentors are committed. At minimum, mentors at New Pathways make a commitment to our youth of 2 years. On average, our mentors stay matched for 4 years, and many form lifelong relationships. Additionally, mentors are highly involved and present in youth’s lives, spending time with them in-person at least 3 times a month and communicating with them weekly.
  • Beyond their mentor, youth have the support of their entire peer group, which includes other youth and mentors – providing a community of support. Additionally, every youth is supported by a program coordinator who will assess their needs, develop a plan to help them reach their goals, and connect them with critical resources.
  • We support not just the youth, but their families. We make sure the parents, guardians, and families of our youth have what they need to thrive. Our program coordinators help fill in resource gaps and provide any additional support needed.
  • We also provide an optional workshop for parents and guardians. At Caregivers Circle, we introduce some elements of the curriculum the youth are learning to the parents and caregivers so they can reinforce NPFY teachings at home. This also gives the parents a space to talk with other parents of youth and learn from one another.
  • We also make sure our mentors are supported by giving them the training they need before being matched, as well as ongoing support and coaching from our program coordinators.
  • Lastly, we’re all about enhancing the lives of our youth through fun, joy, connection, and new experiences. While personal development is serious work, we make it as fun as possible with our playful energy and the friendly, judgment-free community we’ve built.

Level Up is research-based and proven to generate remarkable outcomes for the youth we serve.

Nobody does it alone. Every youth takes root in and is supported by the entire New Pathways community, discovering healthier, more conscious ways of thinking and taking transformative steps together.


graduate high school


go on to post-secondary education


believe anything is possible

The Youth
We Serve

  • 100% live in poverty
  • 43% male / 57% female
  • 74% Hispanic / 7% white / 7% Native American / 6% Black / 6% multiracial

What’s Next?

We are aiming to double our impact over the next five years to serve 1000 youth annually. That means we have some ambitious, transformative goals:

  • Growing into Phoenix’s most vulnerable neighborhoods to reach the youth that can most benefit from our program, while expanding the support we provide to youths’ families.
  • Building long-term sustainability by diversifying revenue streams and engaging champions through board and leadership council memberships.
  • Bolstering our programming through investment in further training and development for our staff, and mentors, allowing us to prepare more youth to take on their futures with readiness and resilience.

You can join us as we take this journey by investing in New Pathways!

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