PATHWAYS! August 2021

Daring to Dream in a New School Year

A new school year has begun! For so many of our youth, this will be a time of reunions and new beginnings – the first time they’ll have seen classmates, friends, and teachers in over a year. And, for the 135 new youth welcomed into our program this summer, this will be their first school year as a part of the New Pathways family!

Understandably, all of that comes with a lot of anxiety. Nothing is easy these days, and certainly nothing is quite the same. But our youth are telling us that they still have big dreams for this school year.

Brian, a senior at Western School of Science and Technology wants to study Public Law and Safety. Along with his New Pathways case manager and his mentor, Heather, he’s looking into scholarships that can help bring this dream to life.

Daring to dream big amidst adversity is brave – and it’s so important. Our goal is to guide the reconnection for these youth to their truth of unlimited possibilities. And you’re part of it! You can make dreams like Brian’s a reality.

The best way to do it is to become a mentor with New Pathways! If you know someone who would make a great mentor, or you yourself are ready to take that transformative step, share the link below or sign up for a mentor introduction session today:

The Absolute Easiest Way to Support our Youth (seriously!)

We know life gets busy – and you may not be able to commit to becoming a New Pathways mentor. But there are great ways to support our youth and their dreams without changing your routine!

  • Have a birthday coming up or another milestone to celebrate? Host a Facebook Fundraiser supporting New Pathways in honor of your big day! You can find details at
  • Making a Fry’s run anytime soon? Anytime you pick up groceries, you can support New Pathways! Link your Fry’s VIP Card to New Pathways, and Fry’s will make a donation every time you buy.
  • Doing some online shopping? We’ve partnered with Amazon as part of their AmazonSmile program. Select “New Pathways for Youth, Inc” as your chosen charity, and every purchase you make will directly fund New Pathways’ work – at no cost to you.
  • Are you an American Express cardholder? Enroll in the Membership Rewards® program and redeem your rewards points to donate to New Pathways. Visit the American Express website for more information. Terms and conditions for the Membership Rewards program apply.

What Your Investment Means

When you invest in New Pathways, you help a young person in your community discover new possibilities, awaken their full potential, and achieve their dreams. Sometimes it’s not obvious just how powerful your investment is, so we want to show you exactly what it means for our youth.

When you give $250, you sponsor a youth mentor’s screening, onboarding, and training, immersing a community member in the New Pathways curriculum and preparing them to make a monumental impact for a young person.

When you give $400, you fully fund the materials and supplies needed to facilitate eight college and career readiness sessions for youth, equipping them to make big plans and achieve big dreams. Oh and you’ll have met your AZ tax credit!

When you give $700, you sponsor the attendance of ten youth and their mentors’ at an intensive retreat. In this safe space, young people uncover and break through self-destructive thoughts and begin to create new possibilities for their futures.

The impact is massive. Your investment directly funds our program and curriculum, and equips these youth to go into the world absolutely unstoppable. To give, please visit

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New Pathways Resouces

At New Pathways for Youth we’re leaning into community impact every day. Check out our White Paper and see the transformative power of our mentors as well as the tools and supports that are helping our youths discover unwritten possibilities for their futures.

Upcoming Events

Impacting Futures Briefing | Multiple Dates
Learn all about how we are guiding youth as they discover renewed outlooks on life and realize unwritten possibilities for their future. They are held:
• the second Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. (in-person at NPFY)
• the third Friday of each month at 7:30 a.m. (virtual)
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