Our Mission: Transforming the lives of youth by providing the support, stability, and skills they need to flourish in the community and in their families.


Every young person can live their life with joy and purpose, confident in their ability to decide their own path.


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In the communities we serve, youth experience poverty and three times the adversity of their peers. Beyond the instability and insecurity that makes it difficult to meet their most basic needs, these youth experience social, emotional, and cognitive obstacles that bar them from living the joyful, purposeful life that every young person deserves.

At New Pathways for Youth, we are changing that. We are building a future where every young person can live their life with joy and purpose, confident in their ability to decide their own path.

To make it happen, we provide 1:1 mentoring with a dedicated adult and a proven program for personal growth, including tailored goal-setting and connection to vital resources, all within a supportive peer group. In doing so, we’re transforming the lives of youth by providing the support, stability, and skills they and their families need to flourish.

Each of our youth receives tailored action planning and support according to their needs and personal goals, as well as connections to critical resources for personal well-being, and daily necessities that support the youth’s entire family, ranging from housing assistance to food security to emergency relief. All of this is complemented by 1:1 support from an adult mentor within a group of peers in order to build stable, nurturing, life-changing relationships.

Our holistic, research-based program, called Level Up, is proven to generate remarkable outcomes for the youth we serve – from improved mental health and personal wellness to academic success and greater high school graduation rates. We give them the tools and resources to not only achieve safe, healthy lives, but find fulfilling career paths, seize new opportunities, and enhance their relationships with their families, peers, and all those around them.

With the support of the entire New Pathways community, youth are able to transform their lives and confidently find their own path to fulfillment.

The Youth We Serve

New Pathways for Youth serves youth facing poverty and 3x the adversity of their peers. The youth we serve are ages 13 to 21, 94% BIPOC, and have an ACE score of 3 or more (ACE = adverse childhood experiences).


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Our approach

Our program is holistic. We are focused on all aspects of our youth’s inner development as well as their outer environments, focusing on three key aspects: relationships, education, and employment.

Become a mentor

If you’re ready to make an impact (or know somebody who is), we are always welcoming potential mentors to our mentor introduction sessions.

Youth enrollment

When our youth experience the support and personal development that our program offers, they feel unstoppable.


Teen Retreat

First 10-day intensive retreat for teens is held, 40 teens and mentors attend.
Teen Retreat

NPFY Headquarters

A local grantor funds the purchase of the first NPFY headquarters at 10th St. and Pierce St.
NPFY Headquarters

Expanded Services

New Pathways acquires 2 mentoring programs and doubles our services to youth.
Expanded Services

Comprehensive Model

New Pathways integrates our program into a comprehensive model for all youth served.
Comprehensive Model


New Pathways develops a proof of concept for a neighborhood impact model; achieves significant success.

Scalable and Replicable

New Pathways refines our program model for scalability and replicability to other high-need neighborhoods in Phoenix.
Scalable and Replicable

Celebrating 30 Years

New Pathways celebrates 30 years of creating breakthroughs and transformations for youth living in extreme poverty.
Celebrating 30 Years

New Home

New Pathways moves to a new and fully-equipped headquarters in south-central Phoenix, allowing us to double our impact in the next 5-7 years.
New Home

Level Up

New Pathways debuts a new name for their signature teen program - Level Up
Level Up

35 Years of Transforming Lives

New Pathways for Youth honors 35 years of life-changing work with celebrations all year long.
35 Years of Transforming Lives
  • 1989
  • 1995
  • 2008-2012
  • 2013
  • 2016
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2023
  • 2024