Your donation makes a huge impact!

A donation to New Pathways for Youth makes a huge difference:

  • We can enroll new youth during our upcoming Level Up Launches
  • Provide Increased case management for more than 300 youth and their families – connecting them to critical and stabilizing resources
  • Provide programming that makes a difference
    • 95% of our youth graduate high school
    • 80% pursue post-secondary education

As a qualified charitable organization, your donation to New Pathways for Youth qualifies for an Arizona state tax credit. You can donate up to $470 per individual or $938 per couple and receive a dollar-for-dollar return on your state taxes.

Just follow these three steps:⁠

✅ Give to New Pathways⁠
✅ Use QCO code 20267 on AZ Form 321⁠
✅ Get up to $938 back on taxes!⁠