PATHWAYS! October 2020

NPFY is stronger than ever

We have long used the term, “unstoppable for our youth” to describe our work. That no matter the circumstances, we show up and meet our youth where they are. Recognizing that a pandemic only magnifies that need, our whole team has been rolling up their sleeves, looking for more ways to be unstoppable. We couldn’t control the circumstances around us, but we could show up to help with what we have and who we have. Soon our inboxes were flooded with the fruits of that unstoppable work — stories of our community coming together for one another.

And now, we are thrilled to announce we have received word from our third-party evaluator, that our program has achieved our highest youth outcomes — ever. Our program saw increased results in:

  • Reducing delinquent behavior
  • Improving social and leadership skills
  • Improving decision making
  • Improving academic skills
  • Decreasing delinquent values

These results speak volumes about our work. They reinforce what we already knew: that New Pathways for Youth is essential.

(Safely) spread the word about NPFY

The results above demonstrate the power of who we have to create incredible outcomes for our youth. Sharing about New Pathways for Youth’s work creates opportunity to deepen the supports nurturing and guiding our youth.

One of our biggest assets for spreading the word about NPFY is you: You can help us expand our reach by hosting a salon, which is an intimate gathering where supporters can introduce and share their experiences about New Pathways and the power of our work. Our staff will guide you through the whole panning process and will be a part of the presentation.

With health and safety in mind, our team has recently made it possible so that these salons can be done virtually! Invite your friends, coworkers, neighbors — anyone you think would like to get involved to a zoom happy hour (or the like) with a special video presentation from New Pathways. Please reach out to Mary Kate Nacke – for more information.

Partnered Communities = greater impact

At the end of September, our team launched our program into the Maryvale community, enabling the organization to reach even more youth who need our services the most. After years of experience in the Garfield neighborhood, New Pathways learned that targeting our work within a community can greatly increase our impact. The ripple effect of breaking the cycle of poverty and adversity can provide large-scale change for communities as a whole.

We are now applying this learning to other communities in the Valley, starting with Maryvale. At the end of September, several youth from the west Phoenix neighborhood went through a retreat at our center. They were introduced to our holistic development program and matched with a mentor and supported by a case manager who will guide them on their journey to a future they see for themselves.

Do you know someone who would make a great mentor? Maybe it’s you! Learn more about mentoring by signing up for a mentor introduction session.

The Gauss Family uses Legacy Giving as a tool to inspire

Cal and Suzie Gauss have been long-time supporters of New Pathways for Youth and they recently made the decision to support our mission deep into the future by putting NPFY in their will.

 “We consider a legacy gift a way to set an example for our own children, to put your money where your mouth is.,” Cal said. “Helping others has been a core value in our family and we hope [it] will help inspire our children and grandchildren to continue that value. If you engage with support and kindness, you can make a difference.”

Twelve years ago upon moving to Arizona, the couple immediately started looking for organizations with which to get involved. Cal and Suzie felt a strong tie to New Pathways after their first hand experience of being stable, caring adults in a youth’s life. For several years, they fostered a teenage girl with no family who had been living in various group homes. Watching her grow and transform was a life-altering experience for their whole family.

They’ve seen that same transformation continuously at New Pathways. Cal and Suzie love to hear stories about young people joining the program, being matched with a mentor, and creating the future they see for themselves.

 Cal is also grateful for the community of other NPFY supporters he’s met through his involvement.

 “I’ve seen so many examples of people giving their time so generously and so beautifully — this group makes you want to do more.”

 Ultimately, though, it’s the stability of the organization that cemented their decision for a Legacy Gift.

“The organization has been around for over 30 years,” Cal said. “It receives financial support from a wide array of foundations, companies, organizations, and individuals. It has a sensible growth plan and staying power in our community.”

If you are interested in learning more about a Legacy Gift to New Pathways, please reach out to Marlo Dykeman,

Communication is key at New Pathways – and in life!

So much of our work centers around helping our youth better communicate with those around them. We focus on discerning facts from interpretations in their interactions, we guide them toward naming their feelings and asking for help when they need it. Communication is at the core of who we are as an organization, which is why we want to provide access to these skills for our whole community.

New Pathways is pleased to invite you to Masterful Conversations: a virtual 3-day workshop (November 5-7) and follow-up teleclass series for our community, facilitated by our friends at New Ventures West.

The way we speak and listen determines quite a bit in our lives. We all face communication challenges as mentors, as professionals — and simply as people! Through this course, you will begin to develop skills to have tough conversations more effectively, including:

  • Distinguishing between the different types of conversations and discerning which is appropriate in a given moment
  • Deepening attunement in order to hear what isn’t being said explicitly
  • Becoming aware of your conversational blind spots to become more receptive, flexible and nuanced
  • Building and repairing relationships
  • Broadening your repertoire of words, distinctions and concepts

… and much more.

We are providing this life-altering program as a tool-sharpening opportunity for our mentors, and we’d also like to extend the offer to our whole community to join at a discounted rate. Please reach out to Marlo Dykeman ( for more information.

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Upcoming Events

Transformations Society Virtual Event | October 28, 2020

This exclusive, annual event brings together our closest supporters to celebrate their impact and demonstrate their passion for our youth and mentors. Join us for the first virtual presentation of this event from the comfort and safety of your home! Learn more and RSVP.

Masterful Conversations | November 5-7, 2020

Develop the skills to have tough conversations more effectively with this life-altering 3-day virtual retreat for our NPFY community.Reach out to Marlo Dykeman ( for more information.

Impacting Futures Community Briefing | Multiple Dates

Learn all about how we are disrupting the cycle of poverty and adversity and making an impact for our youth, their families, and their communities.

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