PATHWAYS August 2020


Youth are unstoppable in pursuit of their education


At the end of Mark’s junior year, his grades were failing and one thought continued to enter his mind: he was destined to not graduate from high school. His mentor Rick and his program coordinator at New Pathways supported Mark in remembering his goals and the role high school graduation played in reaching his long term future dreams.  Working as a team, Rick and Mark worked with their New Pathways case manager and created a plan to apply all Mark had learned to reach his greatest potential.

Over the past year, Mark worked diligently to make up classwork while keeping up with work for his senior year. When he and Rick went to workshop, Mark witnessed his peers sharing their stories and demonstrating their commitment to their goals. Mark wanted to honor his commitment to them, to Rick, and his program case manager—but most importantly, to himself and his future. This helped tee-up the work that needed to be done. Despite challenges, Mark honored his word and graduated this past May – the first in his family to complete high school! He now has plans to join the Marines.

“I cannot tell you how proud Mark was to graduate high school as the first in his family and how truly grateful we are to New Pathways,” his mentor, Rick said. “The kid’s head is held so high these days – and rightfully so – he accomplished some amazing things. I have no doubt he will continue to do so and is off to a great future!”

While Mark wrapped up his school year in the middle of the pandemic, we’re thinking about the other youth in our program entering a school year with even more uncertainty. Over the last month, we’ve met with leaders from the local school districts regarding our partnership. We’ve made the commitment to ensure none of our youth fall through the cracks in such an unprecedented year.

We’re meeting with all youth in our program and their mentor to meet them right where they are — acknowledging that many things may have shifted for them. We will ensure they have the emotional and tangible resources they need to graduate on time. In addition, we are meeting with our youth’s families to help make sure they have the resources in place to create a nourished and productive learning environment at home as well as increasing their stability in a time of economic uncertainty. 

We can’t wait to hear even more success stories like Mark’s this coming school year as we begin to welcome our community back to in-person programming in August and September. Just like our commitment to Mark, in these times our commitment to our 400 youth remains constant — that they break cycles of poverty and adversity and live a life of their fullest potential.

The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit:
the gift that keeps on giving


When you give to New Pathways, you are making a difference for youth like Mary. When our program team at New Pathways recently checked in with her family, they discovered her dad recently lost his job and her mom’s hours were reduced to part-time employment due to COVID-19. The New Pathways’ team and Mary’s mentor have been working together to support the family through the crisis including with gift cards they can use for groceries and essential items. Mary’s mentor, Keri has been with her every step of the way with support for Mary as she navigates her new normal. The stable caring relationship helps keep Mary grounded and focused on her goals.

While you probably aren’t thinking too much about taxes right now, it’s always a great time to make an investment in our youth.Then at year’s end, our organization is part of the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program meaning you are giving yourself up to an $800 credit ($400 if filing as an individual) on your state income taxes.

Visit to take advantage today

Maryvale Expansion: Providing essential support for more youth in our community


In the face of ongoing uncertainty and the outsized impact that COVID-19 continues to have on the youth we serve, we know that our programs are more essential than ever You’ve heard about our plans for growth so that we can serve more young people facing high levels of poverty and adversity by expanding our programs throughout partnering communities. Those plans are still in motion.

This September, we’ll be launching our first intensive retreat for youth from Maryvale. Over the coming year, New Pathways will support over 75 new youth who’ve been referred to us by schools and other community organizations over months of collaborative preparation. These young people will experience meaningful personal development, life skills training, tailored case management, and the invaluable support of a caring adult mentor; and as we know, our impact on one youth ripples throughout an entire community, from a mentee to their friends and family, and outward from there.

 Our commitment to serving the community through our research-based model hasn’t wavered and we couldn’t be more excited to connect with Maryvale youth. But we can’t do it without mentors! Be a part of transformative change at a time where it is needed the most and sign up for a mentor introduction meeting

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Upcoming Events

Transformations Society Virtual Event

October 28, 2020

Join us from home as our community of difference-makers gathers together to hear from our Board as they share vision, our matches as they share impact and from our CEO, who will share an inside look at the organization.

Impacting Futures Briefing

Learn all about how we are disrupting poverty and creating impact for our youth, their families, and their communities. They are held virtually:

  • the second Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m.
  • the third Friday of each month at 7:30 a.m.
  • the fourth Wednesday of each month at 12:00 p.m.


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