New Home

Doubling our Footprint!

New Pathways for Youth has a new place to call home and will move into a nearly 11,000-square-foot building at 901 E. Jefferson in downtown Phoenix in early 2020.

“With the help of our community of support, our mentors, staff, donors and champions, we are stepping into the next chapter of our story, doing our part to change young lives, inspire new outcomes, teach new lessons, create new memories, and transform our community.”

Christy, President & CEO

The expansion goals include:

  • Reaching 600 additional youth annually by 2024. increasing the total number of youth in our program from 400 to 1,000.
  • Recruiting 1,500 total mentors.
  • Increasing personal development, life skills and 1:1 mentoring programs.
  • Doubling staff by adding more focused skill sets including coaching and development for mentors, case management and curriculum development.

Floor Plan

Unique Collaboration with Valley’s Top GCs

In an unheard-of collaboration, four Valley General Contractors have teamed up to demolish and renovate all interior spaces of the purchased building at 9th Street and Jefferson downtown for NPFY’s new headquarters.

“Typically, a project of this size will have one general contractor to bid and go build the project. Our unique solution to this project is a collaboration between four of the largest construction firms in Phoenix. Sundt, DPR, Hensel Phelps and McCarthy have all come together to execute this project. And really what we’re doing here is utilizing our collective resources and leveraging our vendor relationships to execute this project together… This kind of stuff doesn’t happen in other places. This also talks to the fact that we love this organization, we’re all extremely passionate about it and we all wanted to participate completely.”

Derek Kirkland, DPR Construction

Additionally, landscape was replaced through a hugely successful Valley Partnership Volunteer Day, parking lots redone, and a new side yard plaza was created for outdoor programs.

  • Hensel Phelps
  • McCarthy
  • Sundt
  • DPR Construction

Thank You to Our Investors

  • $1 Million and Above

    Charles and Jana Sample

  • $250,000 and Above

    Ed and Emily Lesser
    The Cook Family

  • $100,000 and Above

    Nina Mason Pulliam Trust
    Thunderbirds Charities
    Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation
    BHHS Legacy Foundation
    Robin and Ron Hilgart
    Mary and Joe Gaudio
    Sundt Construction, Inc.

  • $50,000 and Above

    The Firefly Trust
    Lauren Frank
    Bruce and Marjorie Hambro
    Hensel Phelps
    Irontree Construction,Inc.
    Rocco Mandala
    Richard M. Saldivar
    Andrew and Laurie Skipper
    Vogel Family Charitable Foundation

  • $25,000 and Above

    Cannon and Wendt Electric Co, Inc.
    Cal and Suzie Gauss
    Jenny and Brian Murray

  • $10,000 and Above

    Aero Automatic Sprinkler Company
    Shannon Albert and Tim Winklepleck
    Arizona Trout Camp
    Barrett-Homes Contractors
    Bel-Aire Mechanical
    Katherine J. and Tim Beatty, In Memory of Willis J. Jensen, Sr.
    Bonnie Booden
    Richard and Elizabeth Burns
    Dallas Professional Painting
    Dickens Quality Demolition
    DP Electric
    DPR Construction
    Edwin Gould Foundation
    Indwell Woods, Inc.
    Jim Jenness
    MKB Construction
    In Memory of Kahryn Nix
    Patrick and Cathy Norton
    Norcon Industries, Inc.
    Allen and Angelica Plunkett
    John Williams and David Rice
    Jeff and Julie Shumway
    Sun Valley Masonry
    Cathy and Wayne Teeter
    Wilson Electric Services Corp.
    Mark A Voigt and Michele C Mencuccini

Architects and General Contractors

BCA Architects
Norris Design
DPR Construction
Hensel Phelps
Sundt Construction, Inc.

In-kind Supporters

Able Steel Fabricators, Inc.
Ace Asphalt of Arizona, Inc.
Aero Automatic Sprinkler Company
Barrett-Homes Contractors
Cannon and Wendt Electric Co., Inc.
Classic Roofing, LLC
Dallas Professional Painting
Dickens Quality Demolition
DP Electric
DPR Construction
Grating Pacific
HACI Service LLC
Indwell Woods, Inc.
Irontree Construction, Inc.
MKB Construction
Norcon Industries, Inc.
Parker + Sons Steel Erecting Inc.
Penington Painting Company
Sun Valley Masonry
Sundt Construction, Inc.
Walters & Wolf Construction Specialties
Wilson Electric Services Corp
Valley Partnership

New Home Wall Breaking

How to Give

If you want to learn more about or how to get involved with the NPFY Capital Program please contact Christy McClendon, President & CEO, 602-422-9261.