Oct, 2019 – Christy McClendon, CEO, receives 2019 Women of Achievement Award

Christy McClendon 2019 Women of Achievement Award

Achieving Greatness

Honoring the Women Who Advance the Best in Business

by RaeAnne Marsh

There will come a time when it will seem odd to single out women as a separate population in the business world. But today — even with the tremendous advances in opportunity, from funding to operation, over the past few decades — we’re still on that road to universal parity. So here, recognizing that, often, women are still pioneering, we celebrate the success of women in business in our community.

In this issue, we honor 14 Women of Achievement. Each has been selected by our editorial staff based on her involvement in our business community, her connection to doing good for our community and having demonstrated great success in business. Each is a woman of achievement in very different ways and, together, bring great awareness to achievement as women in business.

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