PATHWAYS! April 2020


Our resilient community has overcome unprecedented challenges in recent weeks! Thank you for keeping New Pathways in your thoughts. Your eagerness to support our team has enabled us to remain a constant, nurturing, and guiding force in the lives of our youth during these uncertain times. For young people whose lives have already been filled with too much hardship and adversity, from homelessness to abuse, this constant support is critical now more than ever.

Here’s what we’ve been doing over the past month to continue showing up and caring for our youth:

We revised our mentor support programs, case planning sessions, and other critical operations to promote the wellbeing of our team and our community. While we transitioned to remote work, slowing down our services was not an option when we have hundreds of youth in need of support.

We are exploring sustainable education resources so that our youth can continue to grow and learn. Despite the hurdles our community has been overcoming, we want to encourage our youth to keep moving forward with their goals and dreams.

We are staying in touch and frequently checked in with our youth over the phone to ensure they have a safe place to be and the resources they need.  


Calling all individuals who want to transform lives! 

One of the most effective buffers to the toxic stress and adversity young people experience every day is an adult — an adult who’s willing to show up, care for, and provide guidance to them. 

50 youth are currently waiting to enroll in our program and be matched with a mentor beforeJune 1st. As our community practices social distancing, the support of a caring adult like you is needed more than ever before.  We’ve temporarily revised our systems so that you can learn about transforming a young person’s life through mentorship within the comfort of your own home.


New Pathways will support you every step of the way — Sign-up now for a virtual introduction and learn more about becoming a mentor!


How long have you been partnered with New Pathways? When did you first get involved?

We first learned about NPFY back in 2017 as our then newer foundation began to establish its community grant program. We began supporting the NPFY Workforce Development Program financially in 2018. Agency Owners in Arizona have had even longer-standing relationships with NPFY as mentors and supporters.

What motivates your organization to give your time and/or resources to advancing the mission of New Pathways?

We strongly believe in supporting organizations that are helping individuals get on a path to self-sustainability and removing barriers along the way. NPFY’s programming tackles the challenges facing youth with a methodical and thoughtful approach towards the whole child, their family, and the community. Their dedication to improving lives is evident in the staff, volunteers, and participants.

What advice can you give to encourage others to get involved with New Pathways to become a volunteer or supporter?

We believe that giving ones’ time, treasure, and talents is always a personal choice. But finding impact-focused organizations like NPFY that align with your values is a great way to match your resources and skills to drive change in communities.


We are so appreciative of these organizations who kindly sponsored our Annual Breakfast and Grand Opening events.

Their incredible support has enabled us to impact thousands of Phoenix youth who are facing extreme poverty and adversity. Our team is grateful for your generosity!