The Suns and NBA Donate Court for New Pathways

Shooting hoops is a great equalizer. Nearly everyone can take a shot and feel the whole-body rush of energy from the bottom of your toes to the tips of your fingers as the ball rockets toward the basket.

The kids at New Pathways for Youth love nothing more than heading back to our portable hoop after retreat sessions or workshop to toss a few buckets with their friends. Now, thanks for the generosity of the NBA and the Phoenix Suns Charities, our court is now the outdoor highlight of our facility.

With an amazing new Sport Court flooring surface, a permanent hoop, and a professional fencing to keep errant shots from rebounding across the parking lot, our basketball court is ready for prime time! In addition to the new court, the Suns team also donated several new basketballs and some amazing swag bags for the youth who joined us at the dedication event.

We are so grateful for the support of our hometown team. We know that basketball is not only a fun sport, but it is also a way to learn team-building skills. Winning teams don’t just have the best shooters, but they play the best defense, know when to pass the ball, and show great communication on the court. While our youth will likely spend countless hours shooting hoops, the lessons they will learn will far transcend the number of baskets they make. They are practicing skills that will serve them well for a lifetime. Thank you Suns Charities and the NBA!