Our Roots Run Deep

In 1995, a local grantor funded the purchase of the first NPFY Headquarters at 10th St. and Pierce St. This building allowed NPFY to establish its roots in Downtown Phoenix and begin building the framework on which we operate today. We were able to match dozens of youth with stable, caring mentors and provide resources for families across Phoenix.

The NPFY mission doesn’t stop at 100, or even 500. By 2023, we hope to serve 1000 Phoenix youth, provide 1000 nurturing mentors and create 1000 individualized case plans to help these youth reach their goals. Although he original NPFY Headquarters served as an amazing starter space to developing our foundation, our mission and purpose outgrew the building.

Thanks to our incredible Capital Project Supporters,  New Pathways for Youth was able to move into a new and improved building on 7th St. and Jefferson. With this building came more parking for staff and mentors, larger restrooms, air conditioning, and a space that can actually hold the amount of mentors and youth in our program.

This new building opened in January 2020, two months prior to a nationwide lockdown that forced employees to begin working from home. Because of this, NPFY never got the proper chance to thank all of our gracious, committed Capital Project Supporters that made this move possible.

Our Roots Run Deep was an event dedicated to recognizing these supporters and thanking them for supporting our journey. Our new facility gives unlimited possibilities for the future, and we’re excited to share that with our mentors and youth.




As much as we hold anticipation for the future, we also want to remember and honor our roots. During our event, we premiered a video sharing the story of Mike and Cyrus, a mentor and youth in our program. They were kind enough to give us a glimpse into their relationship, how it started, how far they’ve come and what the future holds.

Watch below to see just how impactful the relationship between a mentor and mentee can be.

Thank you to every supporter, donor and mentor who make this work possible. We hope you’ll stay with us as we continue to grow and see what the future holds.