It’s a Dry Heat Holiday

During the NPFY “It’s a Dry Heat” Holiday party, a mischievous gingerbread man went from blocking shots in basketball to playful cookie stealing. There were multiple times the gingerbread man would walk up behind matches and scare them. He almost got away with it, before our holiday savior, Manny, challenged him to a joust and defeated the gingerbread man. Overall, no gingerbread men were harmed during the party.



All menacing gingerbread men aside, the Dry Heat Holiday party was a success! This year featured basketball, tacos from La Parilla del Gordo, karaoke, Just Dance, cookie decorating and inflatable jousting. Santa also came riding in on a motorcycle, a procession hosted by Intel.

Everyone made the nice list, meaning they got to put together their care kit and grab stocking stuffers! The care kits included shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, socks, hoodies and other essentials. There were a lot of stocking stuffer options like headphones, sketch books, board games and speakers. Everyone left with a giant bag filled with gifts.

Groups of mentors and youth also grabbed some props for the 360 photobooth. Some dressed up as elves with giant ornaments taking the best, goofiest pictures with their friends. Matches also unleashed their inner artist, decorating cookies with intricate designs to give to their favorite program coordinators.

We appreciate the donations and volunteers from Intel, Shea Homes and Toyota Financial Services. This event was made possible by the generosity of our amazing community partners.

This was a memorable Saturday of mentors and youth coming together as a community, being able to spend part of the holiday season with their friends. We’re grateful to all who joined us for this celebration and look forward to spending another year together.