New Pathways for Youth’s COVID-19 Response

New Pathways for Youth is deeply committed to the health and safety of our youth, montors, staff and broader community.Our team is deeply committed to the safety of our youth, mentors, staff and the broader community. At New Pathways, we know that home is not a place of nurturance, acceptance, belonging, safety and resources for all, and that there are unintended implications of widespread social distancing that we are particularly aware of.

Consequently, here is what we’re proactively doing in response to COVID-19 to protect our collective health and safety:

  • We are temporarily revising our programs and work processes to promote the wellbeing of our team and our community. All of our staff members are currently working remotely. Additionally, all mentor/youth workshops and activities at our center are canceled through the end of April.
  • We are checking-in frequently with our youth over the phone to ensure they have safe places to be and the resources they need. As our community is encouraged to stay home, we recognize that home isn’t always a place of nurturance, acceptance, belonging, and safety for everyone — especially our youth.
  • We are exploring sustainable education resources so that our youth can continue to grow and learn. Under our current circumstances, it’s important to remind ourselves and our youth that we can always keep moving forward with our goals, dreams, and possibilities.
  • We are scaling up mentor recruitment and training efforts, knowing that in the coming months our youth will face greater need than ever. We are grateful that technology allows us to do so, and so appreciative for your help in spreading the word about mentor opportunities for those looking to make a difference in the life of another.
  • We are canceling our Grand Opening Celebration and, instead, are celebrating this important milestone with a virtual tour. Stay tuned for photos and information about our home and all of the new possibilities it brings on our social accounts and in an upcoming newsletter.

As we face these uncertain times, we encourage everyone to be kind and supportive of one another. Please stay in touch with us – and each other – via email, phone, and social media.