Meet Kelly Lusk – Mentor Advisory Chair

New Pathways for Youth is overjoyed to announce the new chairperson of the Mentor Advisory Council is Kelly Lusk – a New Pathways mentor and dedicated community advocate. The Mentor Advisory Council was created in 2022 as a way for New Pathways for Youth to get consistent and direct feedback from a panel of mentors who care about the growth and sustainability of the organization.

The Council is composed of 18 mentors who meet quarterly with the President and CEO. The group discusses proposed improvements, take on Council-led projects, and brainstorm new mentor recruitment tactics. Lusk will now be taking on the task of leading the group – take a look below to see what she has to say about the challenge and about her own mentoring journey.

What excites you most about your new position?

I am so excited about contributing to exploring ways to encourage and support both mentors and youth.

What life experiences do you think will help you in your role?

I’m an organized person who loves learning and growth/development, so I hope to keep group focused and looking for ways to improve.

What motivated you to take this role?

A way to get out of my comfort zone, I see it as a ‘try-on’ or ‘comfortable being uncomfortable’ distinction opportunity for myself.

What’s your favorite outing you’ve ever been on with your mentee?

Xitlaly and I started our mentoring adventure 2 years ago by driving up South Mountain to get a different perspective on our city. Last year we ended with a carriage ride to explore how our perspectives have broadened. It was a great end of year and 16th birthday celebration outing with others from NPFY!