Blog: Celebrating National Mentoring Month

PATHWAYS! November 2022

January is National Mentoring Month, which serves as a reminder of the significant impact that mentoring can have on the lives of young individuals. Since 1989, New Pathways for Youth has seen time and time again the incredible impact having a nurturing, stable adult can have in a young persons life. Mentors help their mentee’s reach their goals, dream big, and simply listen without judgement, all of which can transform a youth’s life and mindset.

When mentors come to Power Up this month, we’re gifting them picture frames to hold their match photo or favorite memory with their mentee. Although being a mentor isn’t always picture perfect, the relationship can hold a tremendous amount of purpose, joy, and meaning.

According to our 2022 Youth Survey results, mentees in the Level Up program have seen an increase in conflict resolution, goal-setting, problem solving, positive academic behaviors, and positive social interactions. Since developing a relationship with their mentor, youth reportedly feel more comfortable seeking out help or advice from their mentor or trusted adult. This will decrease the chance of youth facing adversities alone, or resorting to self-harming behaviors when dealing with challenging situations.

During the survey, one youth wrote “My mentor has helped me in ways I wouldn’t ever think I would be helped.  She didn’t only make my life better, but she made me better and I appreciate every second I get to spend time with her.”

Mentorship worldwide makes an enormous difference on the lives of countless individuals. Simply showing up, listening, and caring can allow youth to open up and reach their full potential.

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor with Level Up, sign up for a virtual mentor introduction session today.

To all of our existing mentors in Level Up and beyond, THANK YOU for being a mentor, listening to your mentee, and using your experience to help others out. Happy National Mentoring Month.