Make Your Year-End Gift Todaynd help us transform the lives of youth in our community! !

New Year’s Resolution 1: to help us match 100 youth in 2024 and ultimately serve 1000 youth! 

New Year’s Resolution 2: Expand to Serve 1,000 Youth in 2024 and beyond

New Year’s Resolution 3: Help Our Students Pursue Education and Achieve Their Dreams by expanding our scholarship fund

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2023 was a big year for NPFY. Together, we launched Level Up, Level Up Academy, and our New Pathways for Youth Level Up Scholarship.

In June, we launched Level Up, a name for our program that youth could own and take pride in. Shortly after, we launched our New Pathways for Youth Level Up Scholarship that eight of our youth received, which will help them pursue post-secondary education. Come September, we launched Level Up Academy at Camelback High School, which will teach more Phoenix youth skills that will help them reach their goals.

All of these initiatives will allow us to serve more youth and provide them with the support, stability, and skills they need to flourish in the community and in their families.

But it doesn’t stop there.

In 2024 and beyond, our goal is to serve over 1,000 Phoenix youth. That means we’ll create over 1,000 individualized case plans for each youth that will help them pursue their dreams and decide their path with confidence. While we were able to provide eight New Pathways for Youth Level Up Scholarships in 2023, our goal is to build a fund large enough to double and triple that number in the coming years.

To start, our goal for 2024 is to match 100 youth with a mentor who will guide them through the journey of setting and achieving their goals.

As 2023 comes to an end, we hope you’ll make transformation your New Year’s resolution when you donate today.

With the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you can receive a dollar-for-dollar return on your donation. Up to $421 for individuals and $841 for couples filing jointly.

Thank you for being a crucial part of our mission, we’re excited to spend 2024 with you.

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This New Year I made transformation my resolution by supporting New Pathways for Youth. Their mission is to transform the lives of youth by providing the support, stability, and skills they need to flourish in the community and in their families, and they’re looking to expand their mission to help even more youth in the New Year. Please consider making an end-of-year donation today and join me in making transformation your New Year’s resolution!

It’s time to make your New Year’s resolution! Join me in supporting New Pathways for Youth as they expand their mission to serve even more youth and families in the New Year. You can become a mentor, or give a year end gift. They’re also an Arizona Charitable Tax Credit organization, so you can donate up to $421 for individuals or $841 per couple filing jointly and receive a dollar-for-dollar return on your state taxes! Click the link here to start your New Year’s resolution:

Thank you for supporting our mission, we look forward to sharing 2024 with you.