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How do we know that mentorship works?

The evidence comes in part from a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report on interventions for youth that have experienced trauma. They identified the NINE most harmful experiences and environments, from emotional abuse, to addiction to sexual abuse.

The report identified that one of the key interventions that has lasting impact on reversing the impact of childhood traumas… A stable, nurturing relationship with a caring adult.

New Pathways youth have experienced at least four of the CDC’s nine identified traumas.

If no intervention occurs, brain circuitry often does not develop properly. They face a greater risk of health and social problems from depression, anxiety, employment issues and in some case, a shortened life expectancy.

And, if no intervention occurs, often the cycle of poverty and adversity continues, or worsens.

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Mentor Introduction Session

Mentor Introduction Sessions

Join us for an introductory session to learn more about the inspiring and transformational impact of New Pathways for Youth!

Sessions are 1 hour. Please RSVP for a date convenient for you.

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