What You Can do for Children in Need

If you ever tried to avoid eating your vegetables at dinner as a child, you’ve likely heard the old adage that “there are children starving across the world.” However, as you grow up, and realize how local poverty and hunger can be, you may be overwhelmed when figuring out how you can make a difference. Read on to learn what you can do to help children in need.

Donate to Charitable Organizations

The first thing you can do to help children in need is to donate to charitable organizations. All around the world, there are organizations that have dedicated time and resources to help children in difficult situations. If you want to help these children, working through these organizations can be a great way to help children get resources you cannot provide yourself. If you want to get involved, look into organizations that fall into areas you care about. For example, you may find a local organization that helps children get school lunch every day if they cannot afford to bring it themselves. Your small donation can make a huge difference in these children’s lives. If you don’t have a lot of time to give, giving a financial donation can help you make a big difference.

Volunteer to Mentor Teens

Another way to get involved in your community and help children in need is to volunteer to mentor teens in your community. If you live in a big city, or close to a low-income area, there are likely a lot of teenagers in your community that are facing adversity. When you volunteer to mentor them, you can help give them more opportunities for further success. You can also help them avoid many of the negative effects that typically accompany high-adversity teens. You can help them do better in school, get involved in extracurricular activities, and develop a stable relationship with an adult who wants them to succeed. Often, this extra support you provide makes all the difference in these teenagers’ lives.

Donate Food and Belongings

Regardless of where you live, there are people in your area that are struggling. Poverty affects individuals all over the world, and there’s always a way you can help people in these situations. If you have any excess food or belongings you can donate, find a homeless shelter or food pantry to donate these items to. A few cans of food and some old clothes that you’ve outgrown can vastly help these organizations give these people what they need. If you have children of your own, you know they’re constantly outgrowing old clothes. Give these clothes new life by donating them to people in need.

If you’re a parent, or if you have any sort of close relationship with children, you know the heartbreak that comes with thinking of children in need. However, figuring out what you can do for these children can feel overwhelming and impossible. Implement a few of these habits in your life to help children in need.

If you decide to mentor teenagers in need, you can make a big difference in their lives. New Pathways for Youth is an organization that matches volunteers with Phoenix-area youth in need. Click here to learn more about how you can volunteer with NPFY and make a difference in your community!