PATHWAYS! June 2020


Here at New Pathways for Youth, we know that when we close the social-emotional, learning, and safety gaps, our youth can succeed. When other social and health systems closed over the last few months, those gaps got wider for many of our kids.


Thanks to our team, mentors, community partners, and donors we have not only sustained our work, but redoubled our efforts. We’re checking in more, providing more resources, and keeping New Pathways youth connected and active, to close those gaps and help our youth realize their dreams.


 VIDEO: See how we’ve stayed unstoppable for our youth.


We’re also happy to share that growth is still on the table. We are advancing long-term plans and goals to expand our reach and serve more communities. In fact, we’re implementing those plans as you read this message. The world may be constantly changing, but our mission is as essential as ever. Together, we’ll get even stronger and break the cycle of poverty and adversity for more and more of our kids.

Build a New Foundation

At New Pathways for Youth, our mission is to break the cycle of poverty and adversity for our youth. We do this through a data-driven, research-based approach — and that means we know what summer can mean for a young person facing adversity. Without the structure of a school day, a meal or two, and the company of educators, counselors, and friends, summer can be incredibly difficult. Consider the weight of a statewide lockdown on top of that!

That’s why it’s so important for New Pathways to operate with greater intention and focus throughout the summer – so our kids come back to school safe, connected, and ready to learn.

We can’t do it without a host of passionate, caring mentors to be a part of our youths’ lives. If you haven’t taken the leap yet, join us and learn more about becoming a mentor! You can get started completely virtually, and we’ll be alongside you every step of the way.

Help youth get ready for school…
one backpack at a time

As we look forward, we’re making every effort to support our youth through the summer; we’re helping them remain committed to their goals of both graduating high school and pursuing their post-high school dreams. We’re committed to minimizing the impact of the shutdown and ensuring every one of our youth is still engaged and ready to learn.

We know the school day provides valuable structure, social connection, support from adults, and steady meals. Without it, we see adversities get tougher for our youth. The safety and emotional connectivity gaps widen; as a result, the achievement gap gets bigger. It’s up to us to make a foundational difference for our youth — and it’s very easy for you to help.

We’re collecting backpacks and filling them with essential school supplies so New Pathways youth are ready to return to classes this fall. We’re excited to share that thanks to a generous donation from American Designs and logistical help from Mr. Bobby Walker, we’ve had quite the head start!

Bobby Walker was part of the construction team that built New Pathways’ new headquarters. Admirably, that work led him to join us and become a mentor for one of our youth! But that wasn’t enough for Bobby. He leveraged his personal network and worked with American Designs to deliver a truckload of pencil pouches and school supplies for our youth: 320 pencil pouches, 124 zipper binders, 147 lunch boxes, and 52 coolers!


Bobby and American Designs can’t do it alone! This is a phenomenal way to help our youth, and we need you too: please reach out to Mary Kate Nacke, to coordinate a backpack donation.

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