NPFY Resource Portal

Navigating life requires a lot of skills that aren’t taught in school. Things like applying for FAFSA, writing a resume and filling out a job application aren’t easy tasks, yet they’re something everyone is expected to do. Mentors and youth also deal with complex emotional situations that they often aren’t prepared for. For example, how can mentors best support their youth with goal setting? How can mentors best support their youth when dealing with life’s complications? These situations can be difficult to navigate without guidance.

Luckily, NPFY offers a resource portal with guides to handling these tricky moments so we can best support our youth, mentors and staff.

To log in to the portal, go to the top right corner of our website and click on “Member Login”.

Enter the following username and password:

username: mentor

password: mentor

From there you’ll have access to all of the NPFY resources. This portal provides great guidance for unfamiliar situations and “what if” questions.



Here are some of the more popular resources from our portal:

  • Resume Worksheet
  • Career Opportunities for Teens
  • Supporting Young People in the Wake of Violence and Trauma
  • Building Relationships: A Guide for New Mentors

The portal is updated regularly and is here to help if mentors, youth or staff find themselves needing guidance or additional resources.