Invest in Our Youth – Contribute to the Back to School Drive!

We know that school just ended and summer has only begun, but we’re getting a head start on ensuring our youth have everything they need to have a successful school year starting in August!

Last month, we celebrated high school graduation for over 25 of our youth. They shared what that journey was like for them and the moments that led up to this amazing accomplishment. Though every story had a common denominator: that high school can be stressful, especially leading up to graduation.

That’s why we’re collecting coloring books and markers for all of our youth, so they can destress and have a creative outlet. Mindful coloring and art can relieve stress, increase focus, ease depressions or anxiety, and overall be a great tool for improving mental health.

To get involved and invest in our youth, visit our Target registry to donate a coloring book and markers for our back to school drive before July 31st. You can ship the items directly to our center, or drop them off at the address below.

901 East Jefferson Street
Phoenix, Az. 85034

You’re supporting future grads with your donation, and we appreciate your help!

For questions, reach out to Alexes Ramirez at