The Impact

New Pathways for Youth takes its commitment to the community seriously. Too many youth are exposed to violence, poverty, and crime, which in most cases leads to them repeating the cycle.

New Pathways for Youth uncovers the root causes of these issues and, in turn, transforms youth and builds a safer community.

Over the 28-year history, New Pathways for Youth has transformed the lives of nearly 5,500 youth through the development of core social, emotional, and academic skills. The programs create a 1:3 return on investment by preventing the future need for more costly social and criminal justice services.

New Pathways for Youth’s focus on long term academic, social and health outcomes breaks the cycle of poverty and violence, seal the school to prison pipeline, close the opportunity gap for disadvantaged youth, and ultimately transforms the community by:

  • Decreasing in the likelihood of future juvenile crime (average cost per juvenile in system is $87,965 per year)
  • Improving health outcomes, including reductions in teen pregnancy, reduced/delayed use of alcohol and illicit drugs
  • Developing goal-oriented and decision making skills, including a positive view of the future, reducing needs for more costly social services and counseling
  • Fostering social and relationship skills, including positive peer groups and trust in a caring adult
  • Increasing school attendance and academic performance, leading to increased graduation rates, post-secondary success, and higher lifetime earnings (average costs to taxpayers over the course of a dropout’s life is $292,000)
  • Improving parenting skills, stopping the cycle of drugs and violence in the home, and building healthy families for our future
  • Decreasing neighborhood crime, reducing societal costs of future adult crimes