Intensive Program Retreat

New Pathways for Youth serves youth whose needs go far beyond companionship. Many youth face environmental circumstances (poverty, gangs, substance abuse, violence, etc.) that have resulted in problematic and disruptive attitudes and behaviors. Therefore, New Pathways for Youth requires intensive time and personal commitments from the mentors.

Employing a transformative mentoring typology, New Pathways for Youth supports and develops mentors in establishing a relationship built on transformation, not social and recreational activities only.

The programs include a 3-4 day intensive retreat where teen youth work with mentors to identify self-destructive thought processes and declare a new possibility for their future. Mentors and youth are introduced to a shared language of metaphors that help them engage in a learning dialogue to change destructive behaviors and remain accountable. Through a transformative relationship with their mentors, youth unearth the core beliefs that are impeding them from achieving their goals.