30yearsof Being Unstoppable

Our Model


We believe that education, employment, AND relationship disrupt patterns that lead to chronic poverty. Our program interrupts the cycle of poverty and adversity our youth face by removing the barriers that exist.

We take pride in creating evidence-based programs to help youth facing poverty and four times the adversity of other youth. These are Phoenix’s highest risk youth…youth often forgotten by other agencies. But what does that mean – evidence based?

We know that cancer can be reversed by chemotherapy. So most people choose a path of chemo when facing a cancer diagnosis. We know that vaccines may prevent certain diseases from occurring, so many caregivers choose to vaccinate their children.

And we know that mentorship reverses the cycle of poverty and adversity. So, at New Pathways we provide 1-1 mentoring—and not mentoring that is isolated–mentoring that happens in a connected community of other mentors and mentees, which multiplies the benefits for young people.

We train volunteer mentors to serve in a long term relationship.

And we provide social-emotional, personal development and life skills curriculum through monthly workshops and retreats.

A powerful multi-pronged approach to ending poverty and adversity.


How do we know that mentorship works?

The evidence comes in part from a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report on interventions for youth that have experienced trauma.

They identified the NINE most harmful experiences and environments, from emotional abuse, to addiction to sexual abuse.

The report identified that one of the key interventions that has lasting impact on reversing the impact of childhood traumas… A stable, nurturing relationship with a caring adult.

New Pathways youth have experienced at least four of the CDC’s nine identified traumas.

If no intervention occurs, brain circuitry often does not develop properly. They face a greater risk of health and social problems from depression, anxiety, employment issues and in some case, a shortened life expectancy.

And, if no intervention occurs, often the cycle of poverty and adversity continues, or worsens.



Program Elements

  • Caring and Effective Mentoring

    We know that a caring, stable adult is a primary intervention to reverse the toxic effects of the adversities our youth have experienced. Through pre-match and ongoing training, coaching, and support, our mentors are given the tools they need to make a difference for their youth.

  • Connected Community

    Through 1:1 mentoring in a connected community of other mentors and youth, our youth develop a sense of trust and belonging. This sense of belonging helps them understand that they are not alone and creates the space for them to use our curriculum to have breakthroughs in self-destructive thought process which leads to them creating the future they want for themselves.

  • Distinct Workshop and Retreat Curriculum

    Our distinct personal development and evidence-based life skill development workshops and retreats give our youth the skills they need to take the actions towards the future they desire. Mentors attend workshops and retreats right alongside their youth and serve as a place to practice what the youth are learning in a nurturing and caring environment.

  • Goal Projects

    All of our youth are working towards their own college and/or career goals. Every 8 weeks, matches create new short-term goals that lead to and support their longer-term goal. Step by step, week by week, our youth are creating the pathway that leads to the future they want with the support and guidance of their mentor.

  • Mentor Training and Support

    Our mentors are extensively trained before they are matched with their youth and participate in monthly ongoing training. These trainings are intended to increase mentor confidence, efficacy, and ability to provide stability and support to youth facing adversity, all factors that we know impact the length and lasting impact of a mentoring relationship. Additionally, throughout the life of their match, each mentor works directly with a case manager. Our case managers are experts in our curriculum model and youth development and work with each mentor to provide support and coaching that is individualized and unique to them and the circumstances of their match.

  • Case Management

    We provide referrals to critical resources for our youth and their families. This comprehensive support provides a bridge between the program and the home environment, increasing stability for our youth.

  • Parent Program

    In order to truly break the cycle of poverty and violence in our community, New Pathways for Youth is committed to providing the same evidence based personal development curriculum and support to the parents of youth enrolled in our Transformative Mentoring Program.


As an organization committed to continuous improvement our annual program evaluation ensures that we are providing the right interventions at the right time.

Short and Mid Term Outcomes

  • hand_up
  • Social Skills
    Goal Setting
    Family Attachment
    Family Change
    Decision Making
    Positive Academic Behaviors
  • hand_down
  • Delinquent Behavior
    Delinquent Peers
    Delinquent Values

Long Term Outcomes

Graduate High School
Secondary Education
First in their family
to have secondary education
Believe anything
is possible

Where We’re Headed

New Pathways for Youth is focused on doubling its footprint, reaching twice as many youth ages (12-21) over the next five years and three times as many mentors, To do so, we are focused on building infrastructure in the following capacities:


New Pathways for Youth has moved into a new space to meet the doubled footprint of our program growth  just five minutes from our previous location with over 10,000 square feet of space! 


In order to meet our growth plan, New Pathways needs more mentors to serve the youth who are committed to changing the trajectory of their lives. Marketing and public relations initiatives are needed to expand our reach to three times as many prospective mentors.

Personnel Development

Ensuring that as we grow, we maximize the impact our program model has on the community requires a direct investment in personnel; both staff and mentors. This includes increasing our staffing pattern to meet the increased number of youth served and advancing the capabilities of staff and mentors, ensuring staff are resourced to support mentors and that mentors are guided by staff to meet the unique needs of our youth.

Increased Program Activity

In order to meet the needs of the new communities served, our program activities will increase to double the enrollment. This means more retreats, workshops, training sessions, case planning meetings, and operating activities in the new facility.

It is an exciting time in our organization growth, doubling the impact in our community with quality and care!

Garfield Neighborhood Community Coalition

Founded in 2018, the Garfield Neighborhood Community Coalition’s mission is to comprehensively and cohesively support youth and their families to overcome cycles of poverty, and crime in the community that create disproportionately vast health, education, and income inequalities. Through programmatic intervention, the Coalition promotes a safe, economically vibrant downtown Garfield Neighborhood where all youth possess the skills necessary to achieve favorable health outcomes, educational attainment, and household income.

GNCC Founding Members

  • Patricia Duarte
  • Officer Jan Rollon
    Phoenix Police Department
  • Roberto Frietz
    City of Phoenix
  • Principal Sylvia Bernal
    Garfield Elementary School
  • Cynthia Tercero
    Phoenix Union High School District
  • Kristen Andrew
    Child Crisis Arizona
  • Charles Hardy
    Mountain Park Health Center
  • Sara Sims
    Phoenix Elementary School District
  • Dominic Braham
  • Rebecca Gau
    Stand for Children
  • Jose Urteaga
    St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance