October 2016 Newsletter

Don’t blink, it’s already October and that means fall weather (mid–90s), fall fashions (t-shirts and shorts) and fall transformations (living life to your full potential)! We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening at New Pathways for Youth, so let’s dive in and see what’s on tap.

Lauren Frank is a familiar face around the New Pathways community center. For more than 10 years, Lauren has donated nearly 2,200 hours of her time to helping New Pathways and the youth she mentors achieve our full potential. She is also a member of our Board of Directors. Throughout her years of service, she has had the opportunity to mentor three youth, enabling each of them to find success. All are high school graduates—two currently attend college and the third is excelling in her chosen career. Even with their success, Lauren continues to be a role model to these three women.

For her commitment to improving our community, Lauren was recently recognized by her employer and New Pathways partner company, Freeport-McMoRan, as one of three recipients of the 2016 Volunteer Excellence Award.

“Recognizing contributions of volunteer service is one way Freeport-McMoRan thanks the exceptional commitment and service our employees give to the organizations they are passionate about,” said Freeport’s Director of Social Responsibility and Community Development, Tracy Bame. “Our company has a long-standing tradition of giving back to our communities.” Freeport’s hope is that the award and their tradition of service will inspire more employees to step forward and make a difference through volunteer service.

At New Pathways, we work with dozens of local businesses and organizations to bring incredible life transformations to the youth we serve. Do you own or work for a business that’s looking to make a big impact in the lives of passionate and driven youth? We would love to collaborate with you to grow the community of support around these amazing kids!

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On Wednesday, September 21, Brandon Knight and the Phoenix Suns returned to New Pathways for Youth to take part in a beautification project to improve our community center. The star point guard was joined by teammate John Jenkins, former Suns center and community ambassador Steven Hunter, everyone’s favorite slam dunking gorilla, Go and members of the Solar Squad, as well as a dedicated team of volunteers from the Suns staff!

Their tireless work ethic and commitment to transforming Phoenix shone bright in the afternoon sun. Gardening, trimming, hosing down our tables and benches—this team can do it all! And we can’t thank them enough.

But this partnership is bringing much more than aesthetic improvements to our neighborhood. The Phoenix Suns—their players, coaches and staff—are committed to our Garfield neighborhood in a big way. Their contributions are enabling an expansion of our Transformative Mentoring Program to 50 more youth in Garfield.

  • Suns Week of Service 1
  • Suns Week of Service 2
  • Suns Week of Service 3
  • Suns Week of Service 4
  • Suns Week of Service 5
  • Suns Week of Service 6
  • Suns Week of Service 7

Working with organizations like the Suns, New Pathways is innovating new and engaging ways to bring maximum impact to the area’s at-risk youth and their families. If your organization is sitting on the bench, it’s time to get in the game!

Connect with us and we’ll find ways to transform lives.

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Freeport-McMoRan Inc. are deeply committed to our youth and our community. Every year, their employees provide critical volunteer assistance and mentorship to our youth.

Why New Pathways for Youth?

At Freeport-McMoRan, we encourage employees to be active in their communities and we provide a number of ways for them to engage and give back. New Pathways is making a big impact on communities throughout Phoenix and we know that by creating this partnership, we can grow this impact on a larger scale.

We also make sure to recognize outstanding and inspirational efforts among our employees. Lauren Frank, a member of the New Pathways board and our Director of Financial Shared Services, received our highest volunteer honor this year that includes a $2,500 grant to New Pathways.

Why is it important that Freeport gives back to the community?

We recognize that our mining operations have economic, social and environmental impacts on local communities throughout a project’s life cycle, and we believe we have both a responsibility and an obligation to ensure that we operate in a way that realizes positive benefits for our communities. We take our commitment to responsible mining very seriously. This means making a robust commitment to community development.

We also believe that when communities, regions and the state does well, our business also benefits. We need things like a strong education system, quality healthcare, good infrastructure and a dynamic economy for our business to thrive.

Where did Freeport-McMoRan’s workforce development concept come from?

Our culture of giving came from the company’s experiences operating in multiple countries and communities across the globe. We learned decades ago that we had to have the premission from communities to operate and the more we engaged with communities, worked to collaborate and invest in social programs that further allowed citizens to increase their own prosperity as well as growth and development at the community level, the more we also succeeded as a company and gained social license to operate.

We never stop working on how we can continue to improve how we work with communities to create positive, sustainable community development that benefits all citizens.

What is some advice you and Freeport can give to other businesses/organizations still sitting on the sidelines?

Getting involved in the community is not always about having a lot of financial resources to contribute. Great things can be accomplished by engaging employees and providing a range of ways they can get involved. As a business, don’t get overwhelmed trying to get involved in too many community issues or projects. Rather, identify a single success of your business and lend knowledge, expertise or other non-cash resources to make a difference. Engaging in dialogue, advocacy and problem solving goes a long way in helping our communities and state to prosper.

What’s one thing people probably don’t know about you?

Freeport is the world’s largest publicly traded copper producer and the world’s largest producer of molybdenum with more than 68,000 employees across the globe, more than 7,900 in Arizona. Lots of people also aren’t aware of how much we invest in Arizona communities—last year we contributed more than $16 million from our corporate foundation alone in community partnerships, but that’s two things!

Think it takes a big company like Freeport to make a big impact on your community?

Think again!

You and your company—no matter how large or small—can make a big difference for our youth.

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Tax season will be here before you know it. And that means it’s time to make your DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR tax deductible contribution to New Pathways for Youth. That’s N-E-W P-A-T-H—just kidding.

But seriously, a little bit goes a long way! And this year, to everyone’s benefit, Arizona has raised the limits for the Charitable Tax Credit, for both individuals and families.

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Transformations Society

[An Evening of Transformation]

October 19, 2016

Join the Transformations Society and you can be part of this incredible evening! Get a first hand look at what drives New Pathways forward—hear the stories, see the impact and feel the inspiration. New Pathways for Youth is making a difference in the community and on this night, that difference will be on full display.

Our Evening of Transformation comes only once a year. Make your commitment today to be part of something truly special!