November 2016 Newsletter

November begins with me.

Is it the beginning of the next chapter or a whole new story? What will November have in store for you? At New Pathways for Youth, we’re being reminded that every great journey starts with ME. It only takes one spark to make a big impact on those around you. Whether in your community or with yourself, transformation begins with a single, simple step.

Every year at New Pathways for Youth we take time to measure the progress of youth in our programs. One thing’s for sure, 2016 was our best year yet and the outcomes are nothing short of incredible!

But this year, we were able to go a step further, taking into account transitional metrics that let us gauge the strength of different outcomes and how they change over time. To do this, we focused on 10 key indicators directly linked to long term success. These range from social skills and goal setting to delinquent behaviors and decision making.

Especially among first year participants, the changes were dramatic. We saw significant reductions in delinquent/predelinquent patterns among our youth, as well as a big drop in delinquent behaviors. Positive academic progress helped to reinforce gains in other areas.

Youth who have been in our programs for longer consolidated most of their reductions around the risk of delinquency, though they also registered positive upticks in social skills, goal setting, decision making, positive academic behaviors and grades.

What do all of these numbers and figures mean? Well, like everything else at New Pathways, it ties into our youth. The insight these outcomes give into the potential impact youth have on the communities that surround them drives our efforts to improve upon our success, year after year.

Do you want to see these incredible outcomes in action? Come volunteer at New Pathways! Get in touch and we’ll find a good fit for your busy schedule.

The Society Turns One, Transformations Society Event

October 19th marked the Transformations Society one year celebration. Community champions from across the Valley gathered at the Phoenix Country Club to kick off another year of impact giving. In its first year alone, the Transformations Society made possible the introduction of 75 new youth into our transformative mentoring program.

That’s 75 more youth who will break the cycles of poverty, violence and substance abuse in their community. 75 youth who will be inspired to give back to the community that is providing inspiration and guidance to them.

And next year, thanks to our Transformation Society and Pathfinders donors, we’re aiming to have 150 smiling new faces walk through our doors, ready to be transformed!

Are you interested in becoming a member of one of our giving societies? $1000 and above earns you membership in our Transformations Society.

By becoming a member, you will ensure college and career success for at-risk youth in your community. All you have to do is take the first step and get in touch with us. Or click on the link below to make your impact today!

Click here to learn more about the Transformations Society!

Stop clawing at the screen and get your money back the old fashioned way!

New Pathways for Youth is a qualifying charitable organization. That means couples can contribute up to $800 before the end of 2016 and get it all back come tax time, $400 for individuals.

Transform a life and make tax season more bearable!

Click here to donate

Twinkles of excitement and joy accompany receiving something from your wish list, but it means so much more to youth who experience homelessness or live in communities below the poverty level. Their holiday happiness can be realized through your support and contribution!

Adopt a youth today by filling up their holiday wish list!

  • Contact Patti at to receive a wish list
  • Individual or Sibling wish lists are available
  • Gifts on the wish lists range from $25–$35
  • Each gift must be new and wrapped with the name of the youth on the package
  • Gifts must be dropped off at our community center by 4:30pm on Monday, December 12 to ensure timely delivery
  • Bring immeasurable joy to our community and encouragement to our youth and their families!

    Click here to adopt-a-youth!

    Help us fill our volunteer gap at any one of these upcoming activities and projects!

    File Organization

    Help our Executive, Grant and Program leaders optimize and organize files to keep things running smoothly!

    Number of Volunteers:

    Time Commitment:
    3–4 hours

    Webinar Database
    Researcher and Designer

    Research, analyze and report on web database platforms for NPFY clients, identifying key needs. Also execute design and customization of web platform(s) for organization use.

    Number of Volunteers:

    Time Commitment:

    Have a few extra hours this month?

    Get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator!

    Click here to contact volunteer coordinator

    Rocco’s Pin Pals

    Join Rocco on Saturday, November 19, 2016 to help raise funds and awareness!

    Continued support of Rocco’s Pin Pals charity bowling event has helped raise more than $200,000 for the youth in our community. As a New Pathways board member, Rocco Mandala is passionate about helping at-risk youth. 

    His past is not that different from the youth we serve, which is why he is 100% personally committed to supporting the programs at New Pathways for Youth!

    Click below to bowl a strike for New Pathways!

    12th Annual Mahatma Gandhi Charity Walk

    Join us on Sunday, December 4, 2016 in partnership with the Indo-American Cultural & Religious Foundation (IACRF) of Arizona for a walk benefitting our amazing youth! Register today at:

    Register for the Mahatma Gandhi Charity Walk