June 2018 Newsletter

June 2018
Mentors - Our Community of Difference Makers

In our last two e-news, we’ve been sharing insights into the community of support that surrounds our youth and how that sense of belonging helps to create the stable foundation for our youth to create breakthroughs in their self-destructive thinking. Now we know what you might be thinking, “What about the mentors? Where’s their community?” Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about them!

At New Pathways for Youth, our mentors provide 1:1 mentoring in community cohorts. Our communities are intentional supports around the mentor such that the mentor is never alone in their mentoring experience.

Our first element of community support is our program coordinators. Our trained program staff support our mentors to understand the significant level of adversities our youth face. Additionally, they provide professional, intentional, and research-based guidance to coach and develop our mentors inside of our curriculum.  Mentors are subsequently trained to use that curriculum to coach and develop their youth on creating breakthroughs in self-destructive thoughts that lead to actions consistent with the future they want for themselves. Why is this coaching, supporting, and modeling for our mentors so important? It’s this systemic process which is integral to creating the change and transformation in our youth that ultimately contributes to breaking the cycle of generational poverty in their lives.

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In addition to the program coordinator support, our mentors connect monthly with other matches and mentors at our monthly workshops and support sessions. At our monthly workshop, mentors and youth gain the skills that support the actions our youth see to achieve their potential. At our support sessions, mentors strengthen their community of peers by connecting around the experiences of mentoring – the great…the challenging…and everything in between. These monthly activities are a vital piece of ensuring our mentors have what they need to support their youth. Our mentors agree!

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What do mentors think about their community? When asked on our latest mentor survey about what was most impactful about New Pathways for Youth, they replied:

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Are you ready to be a part of a community of difference makers? Check out mentoring today!

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Transformations Society Profile

What inspired you to make an impact at New Pathways for Youth?

TERIS is committed to making a difference in the communities that drive our success.  TERIS believes that the real success comes from our company helping others, therefore, we look for organization that are really making an impact on those they serve.   TERIS believes in giving individual a hand up and not a hand out. Because of New Pathways for Youth’s transformative mentoring program changes the individual’s view of themselves, it makes a lifelong change to those they serve.

How have you gotten involved?

Since 2008 TERIS has provided in-kind service to NPFY in hopes that our supported covered expenses that could otherwise be used to mentor a youth.  TERIS has also supported the Annual Breakfast for years, bringing both donors and mentors into the program.  Finally, because of our in-kind service to the organization we became more aware of the impact that NPFY was accomplishing with those it served, causing the CEO of our company to join the NPFY Board of Directors. TERIS’ goal is to utilize any of our internal resources to benefit NPFY in any way we can.

Why is it important for you to invest in our community?

TERIS is committed to making a difference in the communities that drive our success.  TERIS believes that the real success comes from our company helping others, therefore, we look for organizations that are really making an impact on those they serve.  

What advice do you have for those on the sidelines, wondering how or if they should get involved?

The owner of TERIS believes that sometimes we over complicate the effort to serve others and make a difference in our community.   Start out by utilizing the resources that you do have available to you.   As in our situation, we had equipment and services that could be used by NPFY without any additional effort or change on our behalf.   If it is just introducing NPFY to your employees or your customers that is a simple step in the right direction.   Finally, the owner believe that you give your employees something worthwhile to focus on, like charitable initiatives, it builds a better company.  It is so easy to get lost, overwhelmed in day to day work struggles and end up complaining about small stuff.  When you see others struggling to just make it through life because of their circumstances it brings a whole different perspective to one’s own circumstances.   

Transform a Life. Become a Mentor.

We need you! Do you know who our greatest source of referrals for mentors are? It’s you! Yes, you…our mentors, donors, stakeholders, and friends!

What is one of the best ways to get out the word about New Pathways for Youth and our need for mentors? Host a mentor salon at your business, home, civic, or faith groups! Mentor salons are an opportunity to partner with New Pathways for Youth to share your commitment to our youth with the people in your life and give them the opportunity to say yes to mentoring! Staff work side by side with you to create the salon and including template emails and invitations you can use.

Right now, we have a waiting list of youth who have asked for a mentor. They are committed to creating breakthroughs in their self-destructive thought patterns that lead to actions consistent with the future they want for themselves. They need a stable, caring adult to empower them to fulfill their potential!

Contact us to learn more about hosting a mentor salon!

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Volunteer Make a Change

Help us fill our volunteer gap at any one of these upcoming activities and projects!

Program Space Maintenance

Roll up your sleeves! A volunteer group is needed to deep clean and organize program spaces to keep the center functional for our youth, parents, and mentors in June.

  • Time and date flexible during center hours (M – F, 9am – 5pm)

Mentor Newsletter Mailer

Give mentors news from the previous month and notice of what’s ahead! One to three volunteers would stuff, stamp and seal approximately 300 envelopes for mailing.

  • Week on June 11th – time and date flexible during center hours (M – F, 9am – 5pm)
Contact mbgregoryatnpfy.org

Back to School Drive

Our annual Back to School drive is here!

Imagine showing up for school on the first day and not having what you need to succeed - no backpack, folders, or pens. This lack of supplies creates an immediate barrier to your success. How exactly are you expected to take notes or manage your paperwork?

That is the reality for many of the youth in our program.  You can make a difference for our students! At the beginning of last school year, Carlos, age 15, came by the center to pick up his new backpack filled with all the supplies he needed. His face broke into a giant smile. “This is my first new backpack ever. Thank you!” he exclaimed.

We are currently collecting items that the youth need to support their academic success. Please join us!

Donations can be dropped off at New Pathways for Youth in July. Please contact Mary Beth Gregory at mbgregory@npfy.org to arrange for a donation drop off.

Supplies needed are:

  • Blue and/or black pens
  • #2 pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Crayons
  • Backpacks
  • Scissors
  • Three ring binders
  • Tablets
  • Folders