Annual Report 2018

New Pathways for Youth

30 years of being unstoppable for our youth


Thank you to our community of mentors and supporters for being unstoppable for our youth! Your investment in their lives is transforming communities and building brighter futures.

The Youth We  Serve


youth served


newly enrolled youth

Demographic Percentages

Our youth are breaking through their self-destructive thoughts and creating new futures

Building Skills
230 personal and life skill development workshops that build the essential skills for college and career success
Achieving goals and completing projects
Over 765 goal setting projects created and accomplished

60,336 hours spent mentoring

$447,800 in scholarships earned by 15 graduating high school seniors

86% going on to post-secondary opportunities and 14% pursuing career pathways

1:1 Mentoring in a Connected Community

Over 5,750 hours of coaching by program coordinators to our youth and mentors
116 new mentor matches were made this year
More than 4,515 hours of case management by program coordinators to our youth and their families


2,020 hours in mentor training and development to support increased confidence and efficacy of mentors

  • 93% of our mentors report the staff is genuinely concerned with the success of their match
  • Over 80% of mentors and matches continue for another year in the program, increasing youth outcomes over time

Our Supporters Are investing in our Community’s Future

  • 289

    Transformations Society members raising over $1.62 million

  • 202

    Pathfinders Club members raising over $135,000

  • Over

    raised at Annual More Than Hope. Necessity. Breakfast with a challenge grant from Burton Family Foundation, Richard and Elizabeth Burns, Ron and Robin Hilgart, Land Advisors Organization, Hud and Cynthia Staffield, and Richard Saldivar

  • Grew our community of supporters by over

    new investors in the lives of our youth

Our  Program

Launched Garfield Coalition to bring key stakeholders together to improve youth outcomes and long-term community outcomes

Introduced personal development curriculum pre-teen youth to provide access to creating breakthroughs in self-destructive throughs leading to the future they desire

Expanded workshops and intentional case planning to youth post-high school through age 21

Expanded our workforce development program into the property management industry through a partnership with Alliance Residential

Staff Leadership Development

New Pathways for Youth staff and board leadership had unique opportunities to participate in leadership coaching programs intended to maximize our capabilities and capacities to break the cycle of poverty and adversity for our kids. The results of these programs set the stage for our further growth and impact in the upcoming year and beyond.

Catalyst Program

In early 2018, we were one of 16 community organizations from across the country chosen to participate in the fourth installment of Stand Together’s Catalyst Program, a nine-month program designed to help innovative groups build capacity and increase our impact to help more people break the cycle of chronic poverty. Our participation challenged us to intentionally define our greatest value for our youth and community while honing in and clarifying how we create that value.

Generative Governance

Through a grant from the Virginia G. Piper Trust, our board advanced their leadership to include generative governance. Generative governance challenges boards to frame their discussions and decisions around exploring the key question. Key questions the board considered this year include strategic program growth and building functionality. Generative governance has created conditions where our board is inventing the future – and our future is bright!


New Pathways for Youth joined 49 other international leaders in Israel for a week-long symposium exploring innovative ways to disrupt poverty. Leaders had the chance to meet with other social change agents exploring how we approach society’s toughest problems globally while thoughtfully reflecting on our agency’s current role in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Where We’re Headed

New Pathways for Youth is looking forward and planning strategically for our future and the futures of our youth. Over the next three years, our goal is to target growth by Phoenix’s highest risk neighborhoods to reach the youth who need our programming most. We believe that our model can be replicated into neighborhoods in order to address poverty and adversity for individual youth while impacting a high-risk neighborhood − breaking the cycle for future generations while simultaneously building more viable communities. Over the next year, we will be focusing on our accelerators to scalability and replicability

Mentor recruitment

We are recruiting 100 new youth and mentors in 2018-2019. To achieve that goal, we are advancing our recruitment tools, mentor introductions, and onboarding procedures to ensure our mentors are supported through the recruitment process and fully prepared to support their youth’s dreams and goals once matched. What we do know about mentor recruitment is that our friends are our best advocates! If you would like to set up a mentor salon or introduction with your civic, business, or faith community, family, or social group, please contact Lorena at

Mentor development

National research on mentoring tells us that the most successful mentors are those who feel confident and effective in the intervention they are providing to their youth. Therefore, we are focused on evolving our mentor training plan and curriculum to ensure that it addresses youth stages of development through early adulthood and the role of our mentors as coaches in the curriculum to their youth in each stage.

Staff development and retention

Working at a mentoring agency is a unique career choice among social service careers. While most social service agency staff work directly with their clients to achieve outcomes, we serve youth through a trained volunteer mentor. We are designing an advanced training model for our staff to expand their capacity to serve as mentor coaches to reach youth outcomes.

Curriculum advancements

For the past 30 years, we have been using our founding personal development curriculum for our teen population to create breakthroughs in self-destructive thought patterns that lead to actions consistent with the future they desire. This curriculum and the breakthroughs it creates is integral to our youths’ long term success. We are expanding this curriculum and designing an age and developmentally appropriate model for our pre-teen matches so that all our youth have access to breakthroughs. Additionally, we are expanding our young adult (post-secondary) workshops so matches are thoroughly supported throughout their years in the program.

Building Functionality

Our current building no longer supports the efficient and effective delivery of our programs and services. In the upcoming year, we will be examining our building functionality to design a plan for a new facility to ensure that we can continue to support youth outcomes for the next 30 years and beyond.